Valve Gate Nozzles

Standard Valve gate system from Temec serie oPTIMAL VG

Should be used for parts with big demands on the optical area around the injection point but for high volume production we recommend the valve gate system type HP (High precision). 

Valve Gate Type VGN
  • 1 Screwed Nozzle in the manifold, good for system that should be delivered prewired. Example system for Car industry.
  • 2 Nozzle body is suitable for more type of gates, open, and with tip and also for valve gate.
  • 3 Nozzlefront is exchangeable
  • 4 Needle close into a cylindrical or conical gate.

High precision valve gate system from Temec serie oPTIMAL HP

Is the perfect solution to use for high volume production in packaging or medical production. Also for critical technical parts where the injection point is optical very important.

Open Nozzles HP
  • 1 Needle guide is mounted in the nozzle, all guidingelements are in the same part “Nozzle” (Pos 1 and 4) that guarantee 100% centering of the needle and there is no influence from the heat extension. The guides always stay in the same centerline.
  • 2 Needle has no contact with the manifold, less heat transfer to sealing's in the piston and no bending of the needle during thermal expansion of manifold.
  • 3 Stable hardened and grinded nozzle body guarantee optimal quality that deliver many tens of millions perfect plastic parts for the customer. This nozzle body is just designed for valve gate solution
  • 4 Nozzlefront is hardened and grinded that guarantees highest quality and long life with minimal wear and maintaince. The nozzle front is exchangeable .
  • 5 Needle is precentered and close into a cylindrical gate.

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