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We are Sweden's leading supplier of hot runner systems with customers in both plastics molding injection industry and tool companies. Industry areas include medicine, packaging, transportation, the automotive industry to name a few. We are often contacted early in the projects to contribute with knowledge and experience.

TEMEC AB was founded 1976 by Thomas and Monica Bentzer

The business began as a sales company with different agencies. When the business developed we began to design and start to produce by our self. Since 2011, we have our own office in China with our own staff who handle our business in Asia. We also cooperate with several companies in Europe, which provides a good level of service of our systems exported across Europe.

In 2016, when we had our 40th anniversary, we moved our entire business to our own newly renovated facility's at the Port in Motala. Due to our location and that we have own Serviceteam and Workshop, we could guarantee the best service in Scandinavia for our customers.

Developed in Motala,
produced in Sweden
and Germany

Our Hot Runner System oPTIMAL is developed in Motala, but the production is mainly conducted by selected suppliers in southern Germany. Here our nozzles, manifolds and hot halfs are produced.